Headquarters Coffee & Tea

Serving West Nashville since 2012

Our Beans

We source our beans locally from 8th and Roast, focusing on medium and dark-roast coffees. Our signature brewed coffees are the “United Nations,” a blend of Brazilian and Indonesian varietals, and the  “Sylvan Dark,” a single-origin from Costa Rica. 


Being a smaller, independently owned shop gives us the flexibility to try new recipes and ideas all the time. In addition to our best-selling Local Honey and Sorghum Cinnamon lattes, we love to feature seasonal drinks like the Cherry Refresho, a bracing combination of espresso and Mexican Coca-Cola, or the Lavender Latte, made with locally crafted lavender syrup. We’re always open to new ideas and love hearing feedback from our great community, so don’t hesitate to let us know what you think we should try our hand at next.


We’re happy to offer an enticing selection of pastries and savory treats from local vendors, including Dozen Bakery, Sweet 16th and Vegan Vee (all gluten-free items), as well as house-made parfaits and more. Our food menu changes often based on availability, so feel free to call ahead with any questions about what we’ve got on hand at the moment.